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White Ink Printing

We are excited to be able to offer our clients specialised White Ink Printing services to take their marketing and event material to the next level. Take advantage of our White Ink Printing capabilities to add an eye-catching and sophisticated edge to your next printing project.

White Ink Printing is a specialised process. The entire spectrum of printed colours is made up of cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK), but not white. Our specialised equipment gives us the capability to print using specially created white ink, producing crisp and opaque text on any number of dark and coloured backgrounds. 

Including white ink to your prints will result in more vibrant colours and make your artwork and designs pop. These simple elements can boost your prints for aesthetic value and quality. This more intensive process is worth the effort to produce high definition colours for prints. 

Adding white ink will level up your prints to make them look exceptionally more elegant than the normal CMYK prints. 

The process for white ink printing is more sophisticated than regular digital printing, but allows for beautiful crisp printing on dark card colours that just wasn’t possible with traditional digital printing. 

Benefits & Uses of White Ink Printing

White Ink is the perfect way to stand out against your competitors generic marketing material, or add a sophisticated touch to your event printed decor.

Delimitation and sharpness

Combined with CMYK inks, white ink printing gives you neater image outlines. It results in clearer printings over coloured, dark or metallic substrates or very absorbing supports, such as offset papers or uncoated cardboard paper

More vibrant colours

The opacity of white ink brightens CMYK ink. Printing a layer of white toner – especially on dark or coloured surfaces – makes your print appear brighter and more vivid.

High Contrast and Visibility

The specialty white ink that we use allows for opaque white prints that are extremely visible on dark or coloured backgrounds that would usually make white text illegible, and create more intense contrasts – making your print impossible to ignore.

Better colour rendering on difficult surfaces

On surfaces that can alter the colour, vibrancy or opacity of any colour of ink – such as wood or transparent surfaces – white ink printing can be used to support accurate rendering of the CMYK ink, making sure that your print comes out the way you wanted.

Our White Ink Printing Services

We offer white ink printing on optically clear vinyl, wood, mesh banners & custom boxes.

Request a quote for specialist advice on your white ink printing project.

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