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Wayfinding Graphics

Help your customers find their way. Wayfinding signage assists people navigate from one place to another place. Wayfinding graphics include wall graphics, floor graphics and window graphics but are often used in combination with other signage solutions like acrylic signs. 

When it comes to navigating complex buildings or large premises, wayfinding is extremely important to help the public find their way around. If customers can’t find your business, sales are all but guaranteed to suffer. More than that, customers having trouble finding your business creates a negative experience with your brand that can have long term impacts. 

Wayfinding graphics help eliminate confusion, reduce stress and make your brand more visible. Attractive wayfinding solutions are essential for helping people find their way around shopping centres, housing developments, office buildings, retail stores, events and more.

Whether you want a large format wall graphic mapping out directions, floor graphics for customers to follow to find you, or even window graphics pointing customers directly to the door, our wayfinding graphics will help ensure your customers and clients know how to get to you. 

Our graphics can even be combined to make even larger format printing, such as coloured lines along walls and curving around corners to lead to specific locations. 

Wayfinding signage – graphics and more – can be created in a limitless number of ways and there is no one solution for every wayfinding problem. The possibilities of guiding people around your retail, office and industrial spaces are limitless. Our expert team can help you create the ideal wayfinding solution for your unique circumstance. 

Wayfinding graphics don’t just have to guide people around, they can also be used to get your branding in front of people in often overlooked marketing spaces. From your brand colours to your business logo, graphics can be a great way to improve your brand identity in the mind of customers.


What Types of wayfinding graphics do you produce?

Floor graphics, wall graphics and window graphics.

What surfaces can your wayfinding graphics be used on?

We can produce specialised wayfinding graphics for different types of substrates, including glass, concrete, carpet and more.

How long do Wayfinding Graphics last?

Best uses for Wayfinding Graphics:

  • Hospitals
  • Offices
  • School campuses
  • Shopping complexes
  • Event spaces

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