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Synthetic Posters

Get the publicity you deserve, with our high quality, durable synthetic printed posters! Whatever the occasion, create and display your eye-catching, longer lasting posters.

Synthetic paper posters are made from a tear-resistant smooth polypropylene film to create a final product that is more durable than traditional paper posters, making it particularly useful for short-term outdoor marketing. 

The synthetic posters can still be ripped under extreme force and are not entirely waterproof, they are both tear resistant and water resistant which, paired with our UV resistant and water resistant inks, ensures that they will withstand general wear and tear very well, even when exposed to rainy weather. 

When indoors, our synthetic posters make a very effective marketing tool, especially for retail and POS purposes. You will be able to wipe the posters over with water to clean them without damaging them at all and you don’t have to worry about the fragility of regular posters. For an indoor poster solution with a much longer lifespan, synthetic posters are the way to go.

Just like regular posters, synthetic posters are a great medium for displaying your advertising or artwork with fantastic high colour printing, including details that stand up to scrutiny at close range.


What GSM Synthetic Posters can you produce?

What size Synthetic Posters Can I choose from?

Best uses for Synthetic posters:

  • Bus shelters
  • Building entrances
  • Retail stores (POS)
  • Outdoor events and markets
  • Exhibitions

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