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Printed Fabric Banners

Printed fabric banners differ from many of our other banners by using a lightweight fabric instead of PVC. 

These banners are perfect for temporary, moving advertising like events and exhibitions. They are extremely lightweight and able to be folded into a small size to be packed away. 

Your fabric banners can be finished in many different ways depending on your preference, including kedar edges, hems and eyelets, pockets, ropes and more.  

Our fabric banner options have an attractive traditional feel that is sometimes missing from the likes of PVC or mesh banners, and are a great choice for anyone looking for a traditional canvas-effect finish for their banner. They are expertly printed using high quality print techniques and inks for vibrant, durable results that will show off your branding in the best light. Any graphics or images on your fabric banners will be pin sharp and eye-catching both from a distance and up close. 

Printed fabric banners are becoming increasingly popular as many businesses and companies are aiming to consume in a more environmentally friendly way while still having high quality, visually aesthetic signage. 

Your fabric banner design isn’t just limited to printing! We can cut your banners to a variety of shapes to give your branding another unique edge. The versatility of these banners are one of their greatest features; use them however you can imagine to show off your event, products or business. 


What sizes of Printed Fabric banners do you produce?

Our banners can be printed at sizes up to XXX.

What finishes can I choose for my Printed Fabric banners?

Our fabric banners can come with a variety of finishes, including kedar edges, hems and eyelets, pockets, ropes and more.

How long do Printed Fabric banners last?

Can Printed Fabric Banners be printed on both sides?

Best uses for Printed Fabric banners:

  • Exhibitions
  • Tradeshows
  • Conferences
  • Events

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