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Printed Display Plinths

Our display plinths are super lightweight and portable, yet very strong and durable. Take advantage of this marketing opportunity by having these plinths custom printed with whatever design you want, from plain colour to branding elements to high quality detailed graphics. 

Adding your branding to plinths, whether fully coloured with your business colours or with your logo printing crisp and clear for all to see, takes advantage of the unused marketing space where customers are already looking to build greater brand awareness or just build a cohesive design for your space. 

Custom printed display plinths are very versatile, both in size and possible uses. If you have space to fill or want to display your products in a unique and brand appropriate way, we can help you find the right display plinth solution. 

To create even more visually interesting displays – especially for exhibitions and trade shows – combining different sizes and shapes of plinths can make an even more dynamic display that captures the attention of people walking by. 

Take it to the next level by using multiple different prints of the different plinths to make a larger scale display of your branding that can be clearly read from way across the room.


What size OPrinted Display Plinths can you produce?

How long do Printed Display Plinths last?

Is there a limit to the colours I can use on my Printed Display Plinths?

Best uses for Printed Display Plinths:

  • Exhibitions
  • Retail stores
  • Art galleries
  • Tradeshows
  • Shopping centre booths

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