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One Way Vision Graphics

Increase your privacy and advertise at the same time. Tiny perforated holes allow visibility from the inside, while anyone viewing from the outside will only see the window graphics. 

One way vision is a perforated window film applied to the outside of window glazing, allowing the person on the inside to see out while the person on the outside sees the printed graphics on the film. We tend to notice brighter colours over darker, so we don’t notice the holes when looking at a perforated window sign from the outside. When we look at the dark back of the vinyl from the inside, our eyes are drawn to the light coming through, enabling us to see through to the outside world.

The illustrated graphic film covers the area with a colorful picture when seen from afar while creating privacy on the inside while still allowing daylight through. 

More than just a decorative tool, these graphics can be used to advertise promotions, company values or any other part of your business with creative graphics, vivid colours and pin-clear text, making them a very high value for money product. 

One way vision graphics can create anticipation and an atmosphere of mystery that encourages passing traffic to come into your store, but it can also be used to keep cluttered or more private areas away from the public eye. 

One way vision graphics aren’t just useful for buildings but are also extremely effective on vehicles as well. Maximise your brand’s visibility as you drive around and attract attention as your advertising sits on a prominent position of your vehicle. 

This type of signage is cost effective and long lasting and is great for mobile businesses, vehicle windows, offices,  malls, shops, and showrooms.


What size One Way Vision Graphics can you produce?

How long do One Way Vision Graphics last?

Best uses for One Way Vision Signs:

  • Shopfronts
  • Office windows
  • Meeting rooms
  • Malls
  • Vehicle windows
  • Showrooms

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