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Luxframes are the perfect framing solution for your exhibition, event or retail requirements. They are extremely customisable and versatile, customisable for every space and desired aesthetic. 

Luxframes can be single sided, double sided, wall mounted, free standing, suspended, curved or even illuminated, giving you the versatility to create your dream promotional solution. 

Our framing solutions give you the freedom to match whatever vibrant, high quality print you believe will best showcase your business with a modern, sleek and professional frame to make your branding impossible to miss and create the greatest possible impact on customers.  

Print X One provides a range of professionally finished Luxframes with all types of frame styles to fit your fabric print needs. Using the industry standard size extrusion to suit PVC welt finishing, means you can use Luxframe with your existing prints or frame solutions i.e. Reframe, Octanorm, Fabframe.

We have Luxframe solutions such as Media walls for functions and expo, wall mounted frames used in a retail environment or light-boxes both fixed and portable, we have the solution for your client. We also offer printed fabrics to match your current framing solution.


What type of luxframes can you produce?

Best uses for LuxFrames:

  • Shopfronts
  • Exhibitions
  • Offices
  • Malls

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