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Light Box Skins

Light box skins – similar to our flexface banners – are made of a PVC skin that is pulled taught over the facing of your sign, whether one of our Luxframes signs or an existing base. They are printed translucent to let your design stand out when lit from behind.

Light boxes are a fantastic investment for any business that wants eye catching marketing. Light box skins can be changed out easily without having to replace the framework, letting you update your branding or have attention-commanding signage for sales and promotions.

If you want to grab people’s attention day and night, our highly visible, vibrant and high quality printed light box skins are a great solution. 

Printed fabric is an ideal solution for easy to install backlit signage to produce stunning images and cost effective freight solutions. Not only do we manufacture light boxes and frames, we can also print your replacement skins for any lightbox. We have a number of print solutions available, depending on the size of the graphic and the colour reproduction required. For crisp high end detail, talk to Print X One about how we can help meet your needs.


What size Light Box Skins can you produce?

How long do Light box Skins last?

Can you also produce my light box frame?

Yes, we create both fixed and portable Luxframes that will pair perfectly with your light box skins.

I already have a light box, will your light box skins fit it?

Yes, we can print replacement skins for any light box.

Best uses for Light Box Skins:

  • Shopfronts
  • Office windows
  • Meeting rooms
  • Malls
  • Vehicle windows
  • Showrooms

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