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Hoarding Banners

Building sites often need to have hoarding installed around their perimeter for the safety of pedestrians and to protect from damage or theft. Hoarding is basically a solid fencing system used to enclose a building site whilst construction works take place, often made of timber, metal or composite panels.  

While hoarding’s primary objective is to keep your site secure, the blank canvas for advertising it creates is a huge bonus. As the hoardings are used to intentionally seal off a space from the public, they trigger a natural curiosity in people and often have a great return on investment for business owners. Make your fencing do more than just keep your site safe – have it build anticipation for the completed project using super-sharp high-resolution print direct to the board. 

A strong and durable banner material applied to your hoarding will have the maximum exposure for site advertising. As hoardings are clearly visible up close to pedestrian traffic, it is very important that your prints have the high quality premium finish that our hoarding banners provide. 

Not only do our hoarding banners promote your future project, they improve your professional image in the area by increasing the visual appeal of your construction site. 

Our hoarding banners produce a photo-quality print result; anything from a plain coloured background with text, to full colour renders and photos of your under-construction project and anything in between. We have the capability to produce whatever look you are going for. 

The right impactful design can make these hoarding banners attract more attention than most types of marketing media around, especially as they are so often used in areas with a lot of traffic. 

Our hoarding banners are extremely durable. Both UV resistant and waterproof, these weather resistant banners will hold up through all types of temperamental Australian weather. For urban areas where graffiti is a high risk, we can add an anti-graffiti coating that allows graffiti to be easily cleaned off, maximising the lifespan of your banner and maintaining your professional image. 

From commercial real estate to retail fit outs, construction sites and mobile billboards; whether you are opening a new store in a shopping centre, have a new development, or have any other project that uses hoardings, our hoarding print banners are a great option to grab passer-by’s attention and promote your project.


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