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Foamed PVC Signs

Foamed PVC signs are a very durable but also extremely lightweight type of condensed foam board that is the perfect indoor signage solution. The smooth, bright-white surface that results from this material is a great foundation for amazing high resolution printing

Our foamed PVC signs are very popular for retail and point of sales signage as they are durable enough to last a decent amount of time, but can easily be used as hanging sign, header cards and mounted signs because of their light weight. 

One of the most unique uses of foamed PVC signs for retail is the possible use for retail gondola shelf signage. Make sure customers know what they will be able to find down each aisle in your store. After all, customers who aren’t able to find what they are looking for will often get frustrated and can easily form a negative opinion of your business. Ensure that customers have no trouble finding where different products are located using our foamed PVC signs for gondola shelves.

Exhibitions, tradeshows and movable stalls are also great uses for foamed PVC signs as the sharp, vibrant high resolution printing on the condensed foam board creates extremely eye catching designs but the produced signage is easily transported around, meaning that you can take it with you and use it again and again. 

We use UV resistant, water resistant and scratch resistant inks to give your foamed PVC sign the greatest possible lifespan, making sure your printed marketing solutions are a valuable promotional tool for your business. We are also able to create custom shapes to give you extra control over the uniqueness of your signs to show off your branding in the best way possible.


What size foamed PVC signs can you produce?

How long do foamed PVC signs last?

Best uses for foamed PVC signs:

  • Retail signs
  • promotions/event signs
  • Exhibition signage
  • Wayfinding/directional signs

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