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Foamcore Signs

Foamcore signs are made from a polystyrene substrate – mostly made up of air! – with paper on the external sides to add weight and create a smooth, flat surface for your printing. The process of creating foamcore signs is what makes them so unbelievably lightweight; they are extremely easy to transport and lift, making them an ideal signage solution for retail and point of sale stores.

The paper exterior of foamcore allows images and graphics to be printed directly onto the board, meaning your colored graphics and words will come out crisp, clear and vibrant. The smooth, bright paper substrate paired with our quality inks mean that your board can have anything printed on it and still be extremely vibrant, clear and high resolution, whether it is text, branding graphics or large scale photographs. 

We are able to create custom shapes and sizes for your foamcore signs, not just classic rectangles, squares and circles to help take your branding to the next level. 

Foamcore is a less durable signage solution as it is susceptible to denting and even snapping if handled too aggressively, but it is one of the best choices of materials for hanging advertising, reception branding and more temporary signage at one-time events and sales. 

To get the most out of the lifespan of your foamcore signs, we recommend displaying them in areas where they aren’t likely to be handled or carelessly knocked into often, such as mounted to a wall, framed, hung or even displayed on an easel. From promotional sales signs to decorating a wall with image panels to hanging wayfinding signs from the ceilings, this material suits hundreds of uses.

Foamcore signs are an incredibly cost-effective marketing material – one of the reasons they are a great choice for temporary signage that you don’t want to break the bank on! This means that you don’t have to stress if your boards do unfortunately end up being damaged as they can be replaced easily and affordably with the same crystal clear, vivid graphics as the first board.


What size Foamcore signs do you print?

How thick are your foamcore sign boards?

Best uses for Foamcore Signs:

  • Retail
  • Point of Sale
  • Conferences and seminars
  • Exhibitions and tradeshows

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