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Flexface Banners

Flexface banners are a large format outdoor marketing solution for businesses, events and community landmarks. Whether the flexface banner is a standalone skin or used as a backlit banner, the large branding will make an impact on the people who see it.

Flexface banners are very similar to our lightbox skins, but are generally large format outdoor banner solutions. Quickly transform any outdoor wall into a billboard with our flexface banners, turning an empty space into a highly valuable branding opportunity. 

Flexface banners (or flexface skins) are made of PVC that is tensioned across the face of the sign. Using PVC allows these banners to have vibrant prints on a much larger scale than other outdoor signage options like acrylic. The PVC banners can also be joined together with an almost invisible seam that lets you make an even larger print. 

Our flexface banners are made of a smooth, flat PVC that is perfect for creating vibrant, high quality prints to show off your business branding. They can also be created in a translucent style designed for use with a large lightbox to create large format backlit signage that is impossible to miss, illuminating the design on your banner from edge to edge. 

The flexface light box is the ideal large outdoor illuminated signage solution. The lightboxes themselves are extremely robust and durable – the perfect foundation for your flexface banner marketing as the lightbox lasts for a long time while your banners can be changed out as often as you want. If you’re hoping to grab people’s attention day and night, our highly visible flexface light box banners are a great solution. 

Flexface signage can come in both illuminated boxes and non-illuminated frames, depending on your requirements. Whichever you choose, your banner will be vibrant, eye-catching and make an impact on the potential customers who see it. 

Our flexface banners are water resistant, UV resistant, scratch resistant and highly durable, able to last a long time, but also very easy to change out for promotions, brand changes or any time when needed. 

Although the standard for these signs are rectangular, our equipment has the capability to cut different shapes, including flexface letters, although shapes and letters with very sharp angles may not be achievable. Get in touch with our expert team to discuss your individualised design. 


Can you create Flexface lightboxes?

Our printed corflutes are guaranteed to last 3 years outdoor using our genuine Durst UV inks.

How long do Flexface banners last?

What are the bes uses for Flexface Banners?

  • Retail Parks
  • External Shop Fronts
  • Sports Stadiums/Facilities
  • Airports, Train Stations and Bus Stations
  • Public Attractions

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