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Trying to stand out on a busy block or crowded trade show? Create super-sized advertising flags that stand up to the elements. A tried and proven way of grabbing someone’s line of sight, a banner or flag with a bold and bright graphic on the design will help get you business and products stuck in the memory of anyone who looks its way.

Displaying bright, professionally designed promotional flags is a time-tested way to cut through the noise or rise above the crowd. Not only are they practical wayfinding tools that help attract attention to commercial businesses, booth displays or event tents, but they are also a fantastic medium for you to build brand awareness with the ability to add your business name, logo and colours noticed by everybody passing by.

Flags are a versatile marketing solution, great for use both indoors and outdoors, one-sided or double-sided and brightly coloured or highly contrasting with feature text.  

They can be assembled and set up in minutes, making them perfect for any environment or event, or everyday use at your storefront, and easily interchangeable for seasonal promotions.

Our high-quality printing method allows us to faithfully reproduce photographic print true to colour while also printing full-colour complex gradients across the entire flag, making it easy to promote and market your business with custom designs.

Feather Flags

Feather flags are the flags that have more of a square shape at the bottom of the flag, allowing for much greater attention-grabbing fluttering in the wind.

Text or graphics on feather flags – especially at the bottom of the flag – may be harder to read if the breeze is too strong, but if the purpose of your flag is to grab attention to convince customers to come closer, it is hard to look past the feather flag.

TearDrop Flags

Teardrop flags have a much tighter point at the bottom than the more square shape of the feather flags. Although this means less movement than the feathers, does ensure that the text on your flag will be readable at all times.

Choosing the right colours and design ensures that these teardrop flags are just as attention grabbing as feather flags, even without the extra motion.


What size Advertising Flags can you produce?

How long do Advertising Flags last?

How is my branding printed on to Advertising Flags?

Best uses for Advertising Flags:

  • Shopfronts
  • Real estate agencies
  • Car yards
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Exhibitions
  • Tradeshows

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