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Double Sided Banners

Our ultra-smooth double sided banners have printing on both sides to maximise the work that your marketing media is doing for you. Made from a smooth PVC, these banners are waterproof, durable, UV resistant and weather resistant. The PVC skin itself restricts the ability of light to pass through, ensuring that your prints will be opaque on both sides, even in direct sunlight. 

Each side of the banner can be printed with its own graphics – to share different messages in different directions, or to flip a single banner back and forth between the different sides – or be printed with the same image on both sides. Either way, our double sided banners make marketing with these large format prints easier and more efficient than trying to manage multiple single sided banners; both for display and for storage! 

Durable enough for indoor or outdoor use, our double sided banners will present your business or event with bright, vivid colours, images and graphics that will make an impact from whichever direction they are viewed. The reusability of our banners will make them a feature that benefits your business for years. They are also very lightweight and easy to install.

These banners are ideal for retail displays and café barriers – highlighting certain products or specials. Our high definition printing will create vivid colour and detail on your banner that will look great even up close. The durability and weather resistance makes these banners a perfect choice for indoor, outdoor and transition signage for your business. Even better, the ability to have different prints on each side doubles their value for your business. 


What sizes of Double sided banners do you produce?

Our banners can be printed at sizes up to XXX.

What finishes can I choose for my double sided banners?

Our double sided banners can come with a variety of finishes, including kedar edges, hems and eyelets, pockets, ropes and more.

How long do double sided banners last?

Common uses for Double Sided banners:

  • Retail displays
  • Café barriers
  • Events
  • Exhibitions
  • Markets
  • Concerts

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