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If your business depends on walk-in traffic, there’s no substitute for a billboard to bring in the customers. In today’s fast-paced world, billboards have the ability to reach time-poor consumers who are out and about town or on the move. Whether on a building, by a freeway, at a sporting ground, or at an airport or shopping mall, billboards are an unavoidable attention-grabber for impressionable consumers at targeted locations.

Billboards as advertisements are designed most importantly to catch a person’s attention, and create a memorable impression very quickly, leaving the reader thinking about the advertisement after they have driven past it.

Not just any printer can print a billboard skin. Billboard printing requires particular finishing, individual barcodes and certain site specific setup requirements to ensure that the print can be installed correctly, on all billboard sites Australia wide. Whilst Billboard sites do come in various shapes and sizes, there is a degree of standardised sizing across the Australian billboard landscape and Print X One will create your print to the required specifications. 

Catering to any required size, our billboard skins are digitally printed using the latest equipment finished with features of your choice including welded edges, metal eyelets or Keder rope, and they can be backlit for illuminated display. 

Since billboards are usually only a few words in large print with featured images in brilliant color, to catch the eye of fast-passing motorists, the quality of the print is extremely important. We utilise the latest, cutting-edge, large-format, digital printing technology to create high-quality billboard prints with UV- stabilisation that keeps your company image bright and visible, whether front-lit vinyl, backlit vinyl or self-adhesive. 

With thousands of cars passing by each day, there’s no better return on your advertising investment than billboard printing. You’ll get the customers you want and other customers you never even thought about. Even with the changes that digital marketing has brought for businesses, there is still no comparison to the raw effectiveness of billboards. This bold and unavoidable form of advertising captures the attention of a mass audience with an unrivalled efficiency.


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