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Backlit Banners

A backlit banner is a high resolution sharp image banner which is lit from behind to give your promotional message a big boost and announce it to the world! The backlight effect highlights all that your banner has to see, and also takes your marketing campaign to the next level.

Our backlit banners are printed with high resolution imaging on a smooth banner surface, creating high quality prints with exceptional print image sharpness and clarity. The translucent material allows light to pass through from the backside of your banner, making your graphics come to life when lit. Our banners are very durable and weatherproof – designed to last.

The objective of a banner is to attract customer attention, and a backlit banner does all this and more with a stylish twist. When you buy a backlit banner, you essentially get a ticket to guaranteed attention to your promos from the masses.

A backlit banner utilizes light to highlight the important messages and promotions you want to share with your potential customers. You can add great definition as well as extra dimension to your regular promotional banner by opting for a backlit option. Although our backlit banners are a very affordable marketing material, it creates a dimensional, detailed and professional look for your business. 

Not only can you use these amazing and charming backlit banners to highlight your promotional activities, but also use their alluring design to add a vibrant element to a variety of different banner options, such as …

Size is no issue for backlit banners. Although we already print large format, if your project requires something even bigger then sheets can be heat welded together with a very subtle join to make your signage whatever size you require. 


What sizes of backlit banners do you produce?

Our maximum printing size for a single piece is XXX. However, we are able to heat weld multiple sheets together with a subtle join to create whatever size banner you need.

What finishes can I choose for my backlit banners?

Our backlit banners can come with a variety of finishes, including Kedar edges, hems and eyelets, pockets, ropes and more.

How long do backlit banners last?

Common uses for backlit banners:

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